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☼— ❝ Are you really, really a prince? Like, the ones from the fairy tales and all? ‘cause I don’t believe you. ❞


☼— ❝ What’s that thingy on y’back?
                                                                         What’s it do?
                      Can I have one?
                                                         I want one. ❞


cole swimwear, 1954.

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Technically I didnae trip.”


"I just…wanted tae see wot was in the sand?" 

Yeah, the excuse didn’t sound that convincing to her either. With a sigh, Merida pinched the bridge of her nose. “Why don’t we just pretend ye didnae see it, alrig’t?” 

It wasn’t often that Merida tripped- but Lord knew that for her to trip in front of someone was something she was a wee bit embarrassed about. 

☼— ❝ Oh, is that what that was? ❞ Ellie gave a lighthearted laugh, hovering over the redhead to make certain that she was okay. To the woman’s relief, it seemed as though the only thing damaged was the girl’s pride.

❝ Don’t worry ‘bout it, I promise I won’t be tellin’ a soul. What was it that you were doin’ that made you fall in the first place? Whatever it is, try bein’ a bit more careful— wouldn’t wanna get all bruised up on a vacation. ❞


☼— [ wowwie i have been horrible about activity on this blog i can not even begin to apologize enough, sweet peas. but the good thing is that i’m here now and i’m bucking down and gonna spruce up Ellie’s blog a bit !!! uvu 

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Jungle/tropical blog

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               Shes the kind
                                                  that’ll ask if you’re okay
                                               then punch you for being
                                                                     r e c k l e s s. 

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1950’s party dress

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This is how the back of my dresses look in my dreams.  

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